8 Domains of Livability

Helping Older Adults in the City of West Hollywood

Open Spaces & Buildings






Social Participation


Respect & Inclusion


Civic Participation & Employment


Communication & Information


Health & Community Services

Aging by the Numbers

The City of West Hollywood has a higher population over age 65 than the County. Although the senior population is decreasing, seniors make up an increasing percentage of residents using WeHo Social Services.

Our Stories

A Snap Shot of an Age Friendly City

I love this city. If I didn’t live here I don’t know what I’d do. I give back by working on the Boulevard and Parks Design projects.

Anny Semonco

I am very grateful to be able to live in the Actors Fund building in West Hollywood. I know this will be my home forever.

David Nash

As a Planning commission volunteer, I helped to implement the Pedestrian Village concept. Residents of our city want to walk places.

Mark Lehman

Living in West Hollywood has been a blessing for me. There are many services for Russians and wonderful support for seniors as well.

Sofia Komskaya

Because of funding support from WeHo, I am able to help transgender women and men find economic stability.

Drian Juarez

At 94, I am still enjoying going out and about. The City’s transportation programs help to make this happen.

Jeanne Dobrin

Living in WeHo affordable housing has changed my life. I use a wheelchair and when I open my front door, I can go out on my own.

Clara Denson

West Hollywood is small, manageable, and progressive. I know we will pioneer ways to successfully age in place.

Barbara Meltzer

This City has movie houses, theaters, culture, and the best library in the county. Everything you need is around here.

Irving Bonios

As a lesbian, feminist, and AIDS activists, my life has been one of engagement. WeHo provides the environment where you can get involved.

Ivy Bottini

I love the walkability of West Hollywood where I can meet people and talk about City issues.

Steven Davis

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